My health journal

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Welcome all to my webs sites! Here you will discover exactly what I the most laziest unhealthiest sloth around is finally doing to get healthy........ mind you it may take me a while as I am that lazy!

-Sorry for such a bland website I am not much of a designer!!!

I have started this little blog site here on webs because I wanted to keep a little record of things I am doing to keep healthy.. this all so might be helpful to others. Let me start by telling you a little bit about myself at the moment I am in my twenties and I am really unhealthy... as in I dont eat good healthy food at all.. I avoid fruit and vegetables like the plague instead I solely eat junk food.. mainly McDonald's which is not healthy one bit tasty thought but definitely not healthy. I am currently suffering from all sorts from a bad knee to poor posture...I desperately need to do something before it is too late! So my plan is to get healthy. I will be setting myself little aims which I will be doing each day as I am easily the most unmotivated person in the world and hopefully little small aims and goals is what I need to keep me focused.  For my bad knee which is my biggest concern as it is really hard for me to get exercising with it as the pain is really bad at times I think what I need to buy is a knee support which may help me get more mobility in my knee... was planning on getting one for my knee very soon...I have been looking on this site for some advise as the guy who runs that blog covers loads of different injuries from plantar fasciitis to what I might have. it also got some good health advise for other things which I may look into as my health journey gather pace later on. Anyway I hope that you all wish me luck I guess that I am going to need it! Check out my blog for more details on what I am planning on actually doing and how I am getting on!

Hmm, A bit about me.. Well Im am twenty something. I'm not going to tell you my proper age. I live in Sheffield which if you dont know is in the UK.... I am really fat.... joking I am not fat but I am really unhealthy with a poor diet that mainly consists of junk food... I used to really enjoy playing football and other sports but recently I have not had the time to play them because I have been to busy setting up a computer business unfortunately.... Now though I guess I see health as more important than riches (I never did get rich with my business hardly make a penny So I would say that wouldn't I).