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Fruit yum vegetable errr

Posted by subbyio90 on February 20, 2014 at 8:50 AM

I gotta say I have been eating more and more fruit recently and have stopped eating biscuits all together... and i KIND OF LIKE FRUIT BUT WHEN IT COME TO VEGETABLE ERR SO BLAND AND SO YUCKY. (Wups sorry had capitols on there and cannot be bothered to delete and re write that bit). Why are vegtables so tastless? yet someone once told me they are much better for you then fresh sweet tasty fruit because fruit can have lots of suger in them... ahh now I am a bit confused!!! So does that mean I have to be a rabbit and just eat bland vegetables forever? What do you think are veagtbale more healthy than fruit? Surely it just bad suger found in junk food that is the problem and you can eat as many fruit as you want... or have I got this wrong?

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